meso-Expanded Co(III)triarylcorroles with One to Three Nitrophenyl Moieties: Synthesis, Characterization and Tunable Electrochemical Catalysis

DOI: 10.6060/mhc214017a

  • Xu Liang


To find the effect of electron distribution on the molecules on electrocatalysis performance, we have rationally synthesized three cobalt corrole molecules with different numbers of nitrophenyl groups at the periphery. The electron withdrawing nitrophenyl substituents alter the electron localization of the molecules, thus leading to variation in spectroscopy and electrochemistry of the cobalt corroles. The hydrogen evolution reaction (HER), oxygen evolution reaction (OER) and oxygen reduction reaction have been investigated using different solutions, showing that Cor-N1 is best for HER while Cor-N2 is most suitable for OER.


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